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International Health Insurance

Great, you are moving to Germany and you want to understand the health care system in Germany for internationals based on your individual situation? The German health care system is considered to be one of the best health insurance systems in the world, but it can become quite tricky to understand what insurance coverage is required and what insurance plan is most suitable. Can you enrol in the public health insurance or private health insurance in Germany? Or can you even apply for the statutory student health insurance if you are an international student? Don’t worry about your health insurance coverage in Germany - X-patrio will lend a helping hand!

Student Health Insurance

International students are obliged to have health insurance plans while studying in Germany. With our smart exploration tool international students can easily explore within a few steps what health insurance coverage is needed when you are an international student going to study in Germany. In addition, X-patrio offers a digital-only process to buy health insurance and provides insurance commitments within 24 hours which can be used as proof of health insurance coverage. International students are required to show proof of health insurance when applying for a residence permit. Without proof of health insurance you will not be able to enrol at a German university.