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  • Fast, cheap and secure Blocked Account, officially approved by the Federal Foreign Office.
  • Current Account with globally usable Mastercard, supporting Google and Apple Pay.
  • Free Incoming Insurance officially accepted worldwide.
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance with bonus program and doctor appointment service.
  • Free Liability Insurance covering you in case of harming someone/something or losing keys.
  • Free ISIC Card giving you access to 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries.

Blocked Account

  • Cheap: set-up €49 & €5 per month only2
  • Fast: opening within 24h, Blocking Confirmation within days
  • Flexible: Flexible: monthly cancellation or extension of Blocked Account possible
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Health Insurance

  • Awarded: best and fairest rated health insurance fund3
  • Trusted by many students and expatriates
  • Flexible: Electronic Health Insurance Card for free choice of doctors
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  • Accepted & approved by German Federal Foreign Office for obtaining a German visa
  • Receive official confirmation on the next day - latest!
  • Fully digital and easy application process

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Blocked Account

When moving to Germany, you will likely be asked to open a Blocked Account if you are coming from a non-European country. In order to live in Germany, you need a valid visa which can only be issued together with the proof that you are able to pay for your own living costs in Germany. For this, many Internationals open a Blocked Account in which you have to deposit a dedicated amount of money specified by the German Federal Foreign Office. X-patrio, in partnership with MANGOPAY, offers a cheap, secure, easy and paperless sign-up process to apply for and run a Blocked Account.

Health Insurance

International students are obliged to have health insurance plans while studying in Germany. With our smart exploration tool international students can easily explore within a few steps what health insurance coverage is needed when you are an international student going to study in Germany. In addition, X-patrio offers a fully digital process to purchase health insurance and provides insurance certificates, which can be used as proof of health insurance coverage. International students are required to show proof of health insurance when applying for a visa or residence permit. Without proof of health insurance you will not be able to enrol at a German university.

Bank Account

Setting up a Bank Account in Germany is a straightforward affair – once you know what you are looking for. X-patrio helps you with that. And like any task in Germany, if you have the paperwork in order. There are quite a few banks commonly found throughout all of Germany who can open a German bank account. We recommend to open a German bank account as soon as you arrived in Germany, as this account is also needed for disbursements under your X-patrio Blocked Account. In addition to the brick-and-mortar banks the are also innovative online banks like our fully ditigal mobile banking partner N26.